Logo & Motto


Our simple logo – crown star-halo – is rich in meaningful symbols for our school community.  It reminds us of the crown of Mary.  The crown of stars circling Mary’s head, as found in all statues and paintings of Mary in her title as the Immaculate Conception, speaks to us of the honour we give to Mary as the mother of Jesus our Lord.

Within the crown of stars we find the shadow of Jesus’ crown of thorns, a reminder of Jesus’ sacrifice of love carried out for each one of us.

The halo of stars serves as a symbol of the holiness we are all called to strive to live as followers of Christ.

Our star-halo also symbolizes the pure innocence of children, something we work to nurture and protect at our school.  We want our children to grow up accompanied by a symbol of goodness that speaks of all that is good and holy and beautiful in our world.

And last but not least, our logo symbolizes the ICS All-Stars, the name of our school teams, where our students learn teamwork, sports skills and love of play.

The School Logo is especially meaningful when combined with our Motto:  “Today I will grow in knowledge, love of God and service to others”.