Christmas Fair Flash
One day to go! Today our set up volunteers will transform the Parish Centre into the ICS Christmas Fair! We are so excited to be this close to opening the doors for our fabulous event.
Before we do, we have a bit of housekeeping to see to:
Raffle Tickets
We are still waiting for 75 books to be returned. Not only do we want to sell these at the Fair, we MUST, under the terms of our BC Gaming License, account for all our tickets – sold AND unsold. If you have tickets at home, please return them to the school office today!
Dress Down
Today is our dress down day for baking! Bring in baking any time today for the baking booth or cake walk. Popular items are shortbread, gingerbread and cupcakes.
Time to shop!
We just posted a final update to the catalog on our website. Remember, we are not printing copies. Click here and have a look!

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