Thank you!

Wow, our ICS Christmas Fair was such a great success again!

As Father Paul remarked late in the afternoon: "You know our fair is such a fantastic way to bring our community together and that's what it is truly all about!" 

I couldn't say it better and that brings us to all the hard work done by so many people to make the day as super-special as it is. Our entire community thanks each and every one of the volunteers and especially the Booth Leads who did such a great job in their individual areas. We also thank all the parents, grandparents and alumni families who came to have fun, buy or make bids. 

Thank you also to everyone who purchased a raffle ticket. We sold a record number of raffle tickets, so huge congratulations to our student raffle sellers!

Our raffle winners are:

  • 1st prize ($3,000): Luan Ling

  • 2nd prize ($1,500): Zora Milanovic

  • 3rd prize ($500): Erin Driscoll

If you're wondering how the fair did financially, you're not alone!  We do not have the final figures yet—it will take a few days to sort out—but the great spirit shown at the Fair and the reaction of visitors and new school families was overwhelmingly positive. So, kudos to all!

In particular, we wish to thank these people in key volunteer positions:

  • Sarah Artuso — sponsorship and silent auction

  • Sheila Yuen — raffle

  • Lesley Jackson, Kim Jacob and Carla Pachal — Christmas Fair Committee Members

Great job everyone!

Thank you, 

Christine Lee
2018 Christmas Fair Committee Chairperson