Small School. Big Community.

Immaculate Conception School is a small independent Catholic elementary school located on Vancouver’s West Side. We offer a diverse and enriched learning program with an emphasis on academics, language, sports, music, drama, technology, and community service.

Our school is enriched by the generous donation of time given by our ICS families to support school, sports, arts and fundraising events throughout the year. We welcome and value parent participation at ICS in the classroom, at sporting events, behind the scenes at speech arts and theatre productions and at our annual fundraising events. This sense of community is what makes our little blue school such a special place.

Our Parish and School are forever in debt to the founding Jesuits and the Religious Sisters who made the establishment of a faith community and the priority of a school their life’s work. 

Learn more about our programs, below, and read our parent testimonials and latest annual report.


We provide enrichment activities to enhance the learning for each and every child attending Immaculate Conception School. These opportunities are interactive and often involve mixed grade groupings. Students are challenged to develop new skills and apply their knowledge in ways that contribute not only to their academic growth, but also to their personal and social development.

Examples of enrichment activities include literature circles, media literacy, oral language experiences, math challenges, science projects related to specific topics and a community gardening program (Garden Buddies); as well as activities designed to promote health and fitness.


For a small school we have a rich Arts program, supplemented by a dedicated music teacher and a host of talented parents. See below for details of the key components: Choir, Speech Arts and Theatre Productions.


In keeping with our inclusive philosophy, any student in grade 3 through 7 is welcome to join our Performance Choir.  The choir performs at school and parish functions and each spring enters the Saint Thomas More Music Festival where CISVA and Independent schools display their musical talent.

Speech Arts

The spoken word forms a significant component of the learning experience at ICS, both in the classroom and as an extra-curricular activity. All grades participate in our school and regional Speech Arts festivals. Everyone is encouraged to participate in Bible Reading, Poetry Recitation or Storytelling. The ability to feel comfortable speaking in a public forum is a skill that cannot be undervalued. At ICS we not only address the Ministry of Education requirement that listening and speaking comprise one third of the Language Arts Curriculum, we enrich it profoundly for every child walking through our doors.

Theatre Productions

Immaculate Conception School stages a theatre production every two years. Every student in the school takes part in the production whether as a member of the cast or helping out with set design and construction, play board, backstage, sound, photography and the myriad other jobs that contribute to the success of the play or musical.  In the past we staged a productions of “Willy Wonka”, “At the Bandstand” and "The Wizard of Oz."


Our little blue school exists in community with Immaculate Conception Parish. One of the ways we foster this community is through shared prayer. The Mass is also the centre of our Catholic faith community. You are invited to worship with us at monthly school masses and on Fridays, when different classes join our parishioners for morning mass. Visit the Parish website here for a schedule of upcoming events and masses.


ICS students can play for the ICS “All Stars” in various team sports and compete against other CISVA schools throughout the school year. All students participate in Cross-Country Running once a week throughout the whole year.  Students in grades 3 to 7 participate in Track and Field and in Grades 5 to 7 students can play Volleyball, Basketball and Badminton.


In keeping with our school motto, that promotes daily growth in knowledge, faith and service, outreach activities are very much a part of our culture at ICS. School wide and grade level initiatives throughout the year seek to help others less fortunate, here in our home city and around the world. Every grade sponsors a specific activity for one of the months during the school year. Individual students are also encouraged to sponsor charitable organizations at a personal level.  For information on the outreach activity your child’s class is sponsoring this year, please contact the classroom teacher.


We are a Parent Participation School and we value, and depend on, parent participation and contributions. The Parent Participation Program is an integral part of the operation of our little blue school. The aim of the program is to create a spirit of community among families and staff as we work together to provide the best education for our students. Active participation provides positive role models for our children while teaching them the value of helping others.