Cross Country Stars!

Many of the students of ICS participated in a Cross Country meet on Wednesday, October 5.  Grades Two through Seven took part in a fun run or a race for their grade.  Everyone did a fantastic job and finished the race strong. ICS placed 15th out of 34 schools and we received two gold medals and one silver medal. In addition, our Grade Seven team members came 3rd in the overall aggregate. Bravo Team ICS!

Cross country is a a challenging sport. Competitors are crammed in at the start line,  and once the staring gun sounds, each runner finds his/her place. After what feels like far longer than it is, many runners start thinking “When will this be over?  When will we see the finish line?” Finally, you hear the cheering crowds as you approach the finish line.

It was so much fun, cheering our schoolmates on, watching the Grade Twos take part in their first Cross Country meet, and feeling the satisfaction of crossing the finish line. We had a great meet and everybody should be proud of themselves for completing this challenge!

Written by a Grade Seven Student

Let the Games Begin!

On Thursday, May 12th, the ICS track team took part in a track meet at Swangard Stadium hosted by St. Joseph’s School. We participated in a number of events: the 800 metre, 100 metre, girls, boys and mixed 4×100 metre relays, long jump and shotput.

There was also 60 metre race for grades 3, 4 and 5, as well as a 200 metre, 400 metre and medley relay for grades 6 and 7. We did very well, especially in the 800 metre race. It was lots of fun and a chance to be outside, running, jumping and throwing. I know everyone looks forward to our next track meet on Thursday, May 19th at Vancouver College.

Written by a Grade Seven Student

All Stars at CISVA track meet

On Wednesday, June 3rd, the ICS track team took part in the annual CISVA Track & Field Meet at Swangard Stadium. After Day 1 of the track meet, ICS is in 11th place out of 36 teams.  We earned two firsts, two thirds, two sixths, one seventh, and one eighth place finish.   We also had one 4×100 relay team and one 100m runner qualify for the finals next week.

Track and field season off to a great start

Every child in Grades Three through Seven has the opportunity to participate in Track and Field at ICS.  There are early morning practices twice a week (rain or shine!) for runners and long-jumpers. Those involved in shotput and discus also practice twice a week after school.  Having completed many weeks of practice, the participants go on to compete in a number of events against other CISVA schools at various track meets.

The first “friendly” track meet was held last Thursday on a beautiful sunny day, hosted by St. Joseph’s School at Swangard Stadium.  We competed against six other schools and did really well in many events.  Next week, we have another friendly meet at Vancouver College and then it’s onto the CISVA competitions which are also held at Swangard Stadium.

Good luck to all our sprinters, long distance runners, long-jumpers and throwers!

Racquets + shuttlecocks + fun = badminton


Badminton season is now over – but oh what fun was had by all!  For the last few months during P.E. classes Grades 4 to 7 learnt the terminology, the rules and the moves!  The Grade 6s and 7s also had extra practices before and after school and participated in the CISVA Badminton competition.  This competition was a wonderful opportunity for students to represent our school in three separate divisions of Singles, Doubles, and Mixed Doubles.  Well done to all the boys and girls who participated.  Congratulations to the students who went through to the Zone finals last week.

Now its time to lace up those running shoes – track and field starts this week!