Busy Times at ICS . . .

Student Led Conferences

Students proudly share their learning with their parents during Student-Led Conferences in February.

Grade 5 Visits Historic Chinatown

Our trip to Chinatown was really fun and exciting. Our knowledgeable guides taught us many interesting facts about Vancouver’s Chinatown. For instance, we learned that it is one of the oldest and most populated in Canada. We also learned that the restaurant itself which we were sitting in, was the oldest restaurant in Vancouver’s Chinatown! We explored the different Chinese Clan Associations and their buildings. In one building, we saw four Chinese elders playing Mahjong. Some of the students in our Grade Five class found it really interesting and amazing to see the narrowest building in Canada and perhaps in the world! I personally really enjoyed seeing different meeting rooms in the Clan Association buildings. According to our guide, all of the Chinese people who first founded Vancouver’s Chinatown spoke Cantonese, which surprised most of the class, for we all thought that they spoke Mandarin. After the tour, we went to eat lunch at “Jade Dynasty,” which was super delicious. We had fried rice, dim sum, and jasmine tea. The servers had noticed how hungry we were, so they gave us more fried rice, which ended up being MORE than we paid for!

Written By a Grade Five Student

Hitting the Trails in Early Spring

Our intermediate classes hit the trails at Cypress Mountain’s Nordic Area in early March for some cross country skiing lessons and and afternoon of practicing new skills, exploring, and sharing lots of laughs!

Senior Girls Basketball

ICS had an amazing 2019 basketball season! We are so proud of the accomplishments of our teams. Our Grade 5-7 boys’ teams finished with 22 wins and 15 losses overall. We would like to highlight two teams in particular that had exceptional seasons. The Grade 6 Girls went undefeated in the regular season and finished in the Top 8 in the CISVA. Additionally, our Grade Seven Girls went undefeated in the regular season and finished 4th place in the CISVA out of 34 schools! Thank you to all the parent and teacher sponsors and coaches who put in all the hours with our athletes!

Writer-in-Residence, Ellen Schwartz,

Visits Grades 4-7

Our Intermediate classes have had the great opportunity to learn about the craft of writing from local and prolific author, Ellen Schwartz these past months. She visits each class three times to share her research, writing process, collaboration with her editors, and great joy upon the publishing of a book. She delivers engaging instruction, and comes back to conference individually with each student about his or her writing. We feel so lucky to have this opportunity and welcome Ellen back to ICS each year!

Speech Arts Competition

The spoken word forms a significant component of the learning experience at ICS, both in the classroom and as an extra-curricular activity. All grades participate in our school and regional Speech Arts festivals. Everyone is encouraged to participate in Bible Reading, Poetry Recitation or Storytelling. The ability to feel comfortable speaking in a public forum is a skill that cannot be undervalued. At ICS we not only address the Ministry of Education requirement that listening and speaking comprise one third of the Language Arts Curriculum, we enrich it profoundly for every child walking through our doors. We are proud to note that all of the ICS students who participated in the Archbishop Carney Speech Arts Festival received gold medals.