ICS has truly been a gift from God to our family

After homeschooling our 3 children for 6 years, we decided it was time for a change. With much thought and prayer, we were led to Immaculate Conception School near the end of the 2013-2014 school year. Through co-workers whose children attended ICS, we had heard a great deal of positive feedback about the unique close-knit community that embodies ICS. Despite this, our reservations about making the major transition from home to school were significant. Homeschooling was a lifestyle that we fully embraced with its freedom for individual creativity, learning styles, and parental involvement that would be hard to replace in a large classroom. It was also very important to us that our children continue to grow in the knowledge and love of Christ, which was woven into almost every subject area of study at home.

We knew we’d found something special in ICS when, amidst the chaos in the playground on the first day of school, the Principal herself warm-heartedly escorted each one of our three children to their designated grade lineup. Our whole family was made to feel welcome and included by administration, teachers, parents & students alike from day one. Over the course of the year, we found that the teachers welcomed the contributions of our particular skill sets into their classrooms, allowing us to still be involved in our children’s education firsthand. The more involved we were, the more close-knit the ICS community became, allowing friendships and a family support system to be established that we never anticipated. Our children greatly benefited from the many unique school experiences offered throughout the school year. ICS has truly been a gift from God to our family, and it has been a blessing to know that every day, our children continue to develop their love of learning through God’s work at “the little blue school.”

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