Springtime Visit to the Botanical Gardens

Written By Grade Two Students

We went to the UBC Botanical Garden. Our guides were Tamara and Joanna. I saw a lot of rhododendrons and I learned how the canopy cables hug the tree without the use of nails to build the walkways. I had fun walking through a tree. My favourite part was going on the canopy walkway. I walked through a tunnel too.

On our field trip we went on the canopy walkway. On the base of the walkway we saw a red cedar tree. We also, saw a 600 year old tree, and saw a bee hive. We also saw a lot of hemlock trees. We went and took a picture at the look out. We walked through a tree and saw a rock from the ice age.

On our field trip we went to the Botanical Garden at UBC. When I got there I heard the legend of the Douglas Fir. I really liked going on the canopy walkway with our guide, Joanna. I saw an eagle. When we were in the garden our guide was Tamara. She showed us the rhododendrons. They were really pretty. We also walked through a tree that someone carved.

Today, I will grow in knowledge, love of God, and service to others.