Fly Me to the Moon!

In Science class, we are studying the solar system and its planets. We have researched and written about many different planets in the solar system. This has been interesting because we have learned that planets are similar but can have so many different features, such as moons, rings and more.

Once we learned a good chunk of information about our planets, we went to the H.R. MacMillan Space Center to learn more about our universe. One highlight of our field trip was shooting homemade pop bottle rockets two stories high. We pumped air into the bottles to create pressure, and then pulled the trigger to release the bottles, which sent them flying.

Another highlight was the show ‘Planet Hunters’. We learned that to find the materials of a planet's atmosphere, you look at the light that is reflected from that planet. Some colours will be missing in a certain pattern for each element that is there. This field trip helped us to learn about the space outside of Earth’s atmosphere.

In conclusion, the Grade Six class had a wonderful time being entertained by the HR MacMillan Space Centre staff.

Written by Grade Six students.