Lest We Forget . . .

November 11th marks the day World War I ended. Ever since that day we have taken part in Remembrance Day to honour of those soldiers who gave up their lives for our freedom and peace. At ICS, we remembered those soldiers who fought for our country by having a Remembrance Procession and Ceremony as well as presentations by the Grade Four and Five classes on important historical events in Canada’s military past.


We began the ceremony with a video that highlighted the actions of Canada’s military in the past. This was followed by the singing of O Canada and the school motto. Next, the Grade Fours presented poster boards on the many battles that Canada has participated in and the sacrifices made by our soldiers. After that, the Grade Five students gave a presentation about the important contributions that animals have made to the war effort. For example, the United States Sergeant Stubby, a Brindle Bull Terrier mutt that was found and served as the official mascot of the 102nd Infantry Regiment. He served for eighteen months and participated in seventeen battles. There were also many other examples like horses, cats, pigeons, bunnies who played a role in comforting and serving our soldiers.

The ceremony also included many traditions like playing “The Last Post”, laying of a wreath, a moment of silence, and the poem “In Flanders Fields”.


As we acknowledged and recognized in our school, Remembrance Day is a very important day here and around the world. Next year will mark the 100th year since World War I ended and I wonder how Canada will mark this important anniversary?

Written by A Grade 7 Student