Two generations at ICS


Eddie & Erma Campbell’s children started attending ICS in 1968 – Eddie Jr., Angela, Lorna, Karen, Katherine (the twins) & Melody all attended. There have now been two generations of children attending ICS since 1968. Six from the 1st generation and six from the 2nd generation.

Musqueam Indian Band Members had two schools to choose from for elementary school and that was ICS and Southlands, our parents chose ICS. Many years later, my siblings and I have chosen ICS for our own children because we went there and found that all the students and teachers were so close and shared a great connection.

ICS has an exceptional curriculum for the children and also provides us with access to the supports that any of our children might need. The continued communication with us as parents to keep us involved in our children’s education is very meaningful to us. And most of all we are accepted with opened arms filled with love and respect. We as Catholics, value our faith being taught to our children and this provides them with a sense of belonging and family at ICS.

There are several events throughout the year at ICS that are our favorite, but I have to say that the Christmas Fair is the one that has us excited. It’s such a happy occasion for all the families in ICS to participate in and to be at. The feeling of community really shows here.

Having attended ICS as a child and having children attending ICS has provided our family with the opportunity to learn about the Catholic Faith and how it relates to our everyday lives. The curriculum offered has provided a good education and opportunities to be involved in different events such as the choir and different sports teams.

Going back to ICS on a daily basis brings back a lot of memories for me, especially since my classmate is now the Principal!