Education with great discovery, high achievement, and deep passion!

Our son started attending Immaculate Conception School six months ago and we couldn’t be happier with our choice. My husband and I searched and searched for a great school that would pay attention to individual needs and engage with all students, and then we found ICS. A child’s mind is hungry for knowledge and has the capacity to take in so much if one is willing to engage them further than just a day-to-day routine of simple play centers, occasional songs or reading time that lack deliberate purpose - we found this quality of engagement on our visit to ICS last winter, and have witnessed it every day since. 

Previously I’d heard about this great school from a friend at UBC.  We’d also come across ICS in our own research and while reaching out to other parents who might have information or experience with the school, I realized this was the school mentioned to me previously, and everything else fell into place from there.  All things mentioned about the school were great, but even when scheduling our visit, I was with guarded skepticism that the school had to be too good to be true.  When my husband and I entered the school grounds we knew this was the school for our son!  ICS is nurturing and engaging, fun and challenging in its educational approach to its students.  The nurturing does not stop short with the students, but extends to the parents as well.

ICS has given our son the academic skills and organizational tools to achieve great success in his daily school life. He loves his ‘little blue school' and we always have a difficult time leaving the campus after school as he wants to linger and play with his friends. There are many qualities beyond ICS’ educational curriculum that we love about the school. Some that come to mind right off the bat, and that are equal in importance to education, include our feeling of a secure sense of our child’s safety behind the ICS doors. There is a real sense of community among the teachers, students and parents and the warm, friendly and welcoming environment has made the transition to ICS very easy for both our child and us, as parents. The principal knows everyone, and everyone is greeted and welcomed at all times. It’s the magical community here at ICS that we just love.

ICS encourages and embraces parental involvement with the children as well as the school.  I can only speak from our perspective, but there is just something reassuring about our child’s love and comfort found in his connection with his teachers, and bearing witness to this is just that much sweeter.  Our experience is that ICS is staffed with wonderful teachers and aids. The principal and the support staff are attentive to parental inquiries and address any concerns a parent may have.  ICS represents the evolving nature of education. Teachers put students in the centre of their plans, set them up for maximum success and optimal academic performance. We are confident our son will go on to become a great leader and innovator. At ICS, you will experience an education with great discovery, high achievement and deep passion. 

Our top three reasons that it is great to belong to the ICS community are as follows:

Diversity & Inclusion:

We are pleased to see that the students embody so much diversity and inclusion. Everything and everyone is connected at our little blue school. You can draw a line from one point to another and, along the way, you’ll find so many different ways the points are connected. At ICS, it’s fun seeing how connected you are to people through mutual friends and common interests. It’s about focusing on what we share, not how we differ. Most of all we appreciate that the educators are united in teaching from a moral compass, which includes a routine of praying and respect for God. On top of all of that is the diversified education offered at ICS that we love!

 Student Mentorship

Our son loves connecting with a ‘buddy’ from older grades once a week. This program has helped our son to connect and build school-wide relationships and learn to develop positive friendships. These relationships help students with confidence and interpersonal skills.

 Weekly French and Music classes

We often talk about French and music class in the car on the way home. Exposure to a variety of subjects has helped our son to develop an appreciation for arts. He loves his French and Music class and often talks about other languages that exist around us.

If you are looking for something special for not just your child, but your family as a whole, I would highly recommend giving ICS consideration without hesitation!