Communication and problem-solving

Our goal, as a staff, is to be as helpful and supportive to parents as possible. If your child is having problems at home, in the classroom, or on the playground, please let us know immediately. However, we do not encourage unscheduled visits, either in the morning just before school or right after school in the afternoon, as often the teacher has other plans or duties, which must of necessity come first. Whenever possible, please pre-arrange a meeting time with the teacher.

Problems of any nature will affect self-esteem and general happiness, which in turn affect your child’s learning process. Any problem that has occurred at school should be handled at school; we ask that parents do not discuss these matters amongst themselves but rather follow the normal line of communication to ensure a swift resolution. This will avoid hurt feelings or blame being laid. 

The normal line of communication is:

  • Speak to the child’s teacher first. He/she knows your child best and will hopefully be able to solve any problems and address your concern.
  • Speak to the Principal if the problem involves the school at large, or if you do not feel satisfied that your concern has been acted upon or understood by the classroom teacher.
  • If you are still dissatisfied with how your concern has been handled, make a formal written complaint to the Parish Education Committee.

It is our aim, with your help, to provide consistent quality education and maintain a cooperative relationship between your home and the school.