Parent Participation Program

The parent participation requirement is 40 hours per family per year. We recognize that some families may not be able to commit this amount of time to the school. Families that cannot, or would prefer not to, contribute their time will be assessed a parent participation fee.

  • At least 20 of the 40 hours must be completed by the end of January. The remaining 20 (or fewer) hours must be completed by the end of the school year.

  • A minimum of five hours out of the 40 must be served in fundraising events (Christmas Fair or Walkathon), of which one hour must be on the day before the Christmas Fair or on the day of the Fair.

  • Three mandatory hours are required towards your grade event. See list below.

  • Only a set number of hours may be logged for specific jobs/events (see PPP Hours table for details).

  • For more information on participation opportunities, how to log your hours, how to create a report of your hours see below.


Participation opportunities are added to as they arise. 

Click here to see the current opportunities
 at the school.

Emails requesting participants will only be sent out for major events (e.g. Christmas Fair, Walkathon) or at other times when there is an urgent or significant need for participants.

How do I log my participation hours?

You don’t need to do anything if you signed up for a participation opportunity on  Your hours will be logged automatically after the event is completed, and the coordinator has confirmed your participation.

If you have completed participation hours for an event that was not listed on (class help, class field trips, etc.) then you must email for your hours to be logged in the system.  Include the number of hours worked, the date, the event and the coordinator or teacher’s name.

How do I get a report of my participation hours?

You will need to create an account with in order to get a report of your participation hours.  An account is NOT required to participate, but it is required to create a report.

To create an account, go to and click Register.  Enter your name, the email address that you use for your participation, and designate a password.

Once you have signed into your account, click on your name (upper right) to access your Profile.

Then, scroll down to the Participant Hours section and choose to have a report emailed to you.  Please note that the choices are by calendar year, and not school year.

Please also note that when you generate a report of your participation hours, it may include hours that you have participated in for other organizations, if they have used for their sign ups, and you have used the same email to sign up for that participation work.

Lastly, and very important:

When you create an account, you will be able to create sign ups of your own, and input hours into   Any sign ups that you create, and any hours that you log, will NOT be tied to the ICS System.

If you want to create a sign up for a participation activity for ICS parents, then you must contact  and ask the ICS administrator to create the sign up for you.

If you want to input hours into for any activity that you completed outside of then you must email

If you have any questions, please contact Wendy –