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Le Carnaval d’Hiver at ICS

Today Mr.René Tumel came to visit ICS. We participated in many traditional events such as making a wooden doll dance, making music with two wooden spoons, and a taste of traditional maple toffee. Mr.Tumel owns his own maple tree farm. It was passed down to him from his father and grandfather before him. He still uses all of the traditional methods and produces all Canadian maple syrup. Mr. Tumel will always be an inspiration to my generation as we uphold true French Canadian culture.

Written by a student

Preparing maple syrup ice for the students

Preparing maple syrup ice for the students

Aujourd’hui Mr. René Tumel est venu visiter ICS. On a participé dans plein d’ événement traditionnel comme fair danser une poupée fait en bois, jouer les cuillerée, est goûter la tire. Mr. Tumel tient sa propre ferme d’érable. Il la héritier de son père qui la héritier de son père avant lui. Il utilise encore les méthode traditionnel pour produire son sirop d’érable. Mr. Tumel sera toujour une inspiration pour ma génération pour soutenire la culture Canadiennes françaises.