grade 1

The Kindness Project

As part of the Grade One unit on "Helping Each Other as Friends and as Learners,"the students were inspired to share their learning with others.  As a class they came up with the idea of doing a "Kindness Project." For this "Kindness Project," they thought it would be good to share a little kindness with our local community.  Thus, on Thursday, December 21st, the students were divided into small groups and stationed at different places on Dunbar Street. They handed out candy canes to pedestrians and shared a special "kindness" message written by each one of them. The purpose of this “Kindness Project” was twofold: to teach people that we value kindness in our world and to spread some Christmas cheer.

The students shared this small act of kindness with over 200 people on that day.  Examples of some the statements given by the pedestrians were: "We need a lot more of this in our world," "My heart grew so big today," "Each kindness message is important and beautiful."  The students were happy and excited to be a part of something so special.  One of the students stated that "my heart has grown 1000 times bigger today!" This feeling of happiness was shared by all that participated.

Remember that when you share kindness with someone you "make them colourful".

The Grade One students sure made a lot of people colourful on that day and now you can go and do the same!

Primary Classes Visit the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

The Grades One, Two and Three classes had the wonderful opportunity to watch the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra perform at the Orpheum Theatre. The concert was titled “What a Wonderful World” and featured songs by composers from all around the world. The students had the opportunity to sing a song called “Siyahamba” with the rest of the students in attendance and the symphony. Many students said “Mambo” was their favourite song, which they studied in music class together.

Kallie George Visits Grade One!

On Monday, February 6th, Kallie George came to our Grade One class. She taught us about being an author.  Kallie George did a writing activity with us. She drew a neck on a piece of paper and a person in our class had to draw a head.  It was fun.  We named our new magical animal “Snuggles the Merbunny.” Kallie George showed us her books.  Kallie George is a famous author.  It was a great visit! If you would like to learn about Kallie George, visit her website www.kalliegeorg.

Written by a Grade One Student

Vancouver Children’s Festival 2016

On Friday, June 6th the Grade One and Grade Two classes went to the Vancouver Children’s Festival at Granville Island to watch Splash’N Boots live in concert. They had us all singing, dancing and laughing during the fun-filled show. After the show, the students spent the afternoon exploring the various activities at Sutcliffe Park. It was a fabulous afternoon shared with friends in the warmth of the sun.

Primary Students Visit the Vancouver International Children’s Festival

On Friday, May 29th the Grades Ones and Twos went to the Vancouver Children’s Festival at Granville Island to listen to Inuit poet, storyteller, and throat singer Taqralik Partridge, who brought lively stories and tales from Canada’s north to this year’s Festival stage.

She recounted an Inuit legend, The Owl and Raven, as well as two of her own stories, The Little Boy and The Giant and There’s a Whale in That Puddle. The stories were about children in the north who found extraordinary treasures in ordinary places. After the show, the classes spent the afternoon exploring the various activities at Sutcliffe Park. It was a fabulous afternoon shared with friends in the warmth of the sun.

Gardeners and Artists

Our talented Grade One students recently tried their hands at a combined gardening and art project which has culminated with the creation of beautiful self portrait pots in which are growing micro-greens. The project began with a read aloud of Eric Carle’s story, The Tiny Seed. Under the expert guidance of the parent leaders, the students observed some newly germinated seeds which included broccoli, red radish, alfalfa, and mesculin mix. Next, they tasted each micro-green and determined what to plant. The flavours were all popular and, amazingly, the children wanted to try each one and many asked for seconds!

Once the taste test was competed, the children planted their seeds and now comes the waiting, and waiting, and waiting . . .